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Questions to consider

If a lack of being loved, respected, etc, is a problem, what could you do, in order to feel safer in yourself?

If loss of innocence is a problem, is it likely to prevent you from gaining a perspective that is kinder to you and to those you meet?

If nightmares and the fears attached to them are a problem, what could you do to ensure that you overcome those fears?

What fears do you have that seems to be preventing you from moving on?
What could you do in order those fears?

Do you think that the abuse you survived wasn't as bad as others suffered, therefore you dont need support and help?

Having started to wake up to the realisation that your life has been affected by the abuse you suffered, in every way imaginable, what are you going to do about it?

There are often deep rooted and hidden secrets that you wouldnt feel safe talking about, but those are the issues that you have to start talking about, and recover from, otherwise it will remain as a stumbling block to your recovery.

Think about what it is that you need to do in order to ensure you are free from the thoughts that haunt you, and then do something about it

What could you do to leave behind the negative thoughts, and move forward?

What are your immediate thoughts, and feelings, when faced with a memory of the abuse you suffered?

How hard do you find it to be honest with yourself, and others? Why is that, and where does it come from?

Why do you find it difficult to be free and honest in speech and manner?

Do you avoid having sex, or being intimate, because it reminds you of what happened to you when abused?

What could you do to regain control of your sexual life?

It's your life after all, and the memories that prevent you having or enjoying sex is your abusers way of stopping you live your life, but don't allow them to control you any longer.

It's time for you to recover!