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Estimates vary, but at least 80% of the Male prison population in the United Kingdom have suffered some form of sexual abuse, either as children or adults, and many men have been subjected to rape and/or sexual abuse within the prison system.

Thankfully our prison system is nothing like the penal system in the USA, where prisoners are actually instructed by both staff and other prisoners, as to how to cope with being raped and sexually abused whilst in prison.

Since September 2000, we have provided counselling sessions and awareness training to several prisons around the south and southwest of england, supporting adult males who have been sexually abused and raped within the prison system, or either as children, within the 'care system,.

Although there are doubters out there, from the emails we get, adult male prisoners in the United Kingdom are raped and sexually assaulted within the system, and often the abuse is not always acknowledged, nor are records kept of sexual offences committed against prisoners.

In many cases in recent years, when a prisoner makes an allegation of sexual abuse/rape, they often end up being removed from the prison they were in, and meanwhile the abuser stays behind, leaving the 'victim' even more traumatised by the whole event.

There are literally thousands of men who end up in prisons who have ended up there due to drug and alcohol misuse, anger issues, etc, all of which has been caused by the fact that they were sexually abused as children, or as adults.

With the right support, these men can and do turn their criminal behaviours around and can overcome the past, and in doing so, leave the prison life behind, and become 'normal' citizens.

With the gradual recognition by the prison services that a large percentage of prisoners have suffered some form of sexual abuse, its only normal that once the prisoners start to talk about their abuse history, they need sustained, long term support, where it can handled and done in a 'softly softly' approach in dealing with the myriad of problems that arose from the abuse.

As mentioned, many prisoners are serving time for drugs offences and related crimes, and many have been through the 'care system' and abused whilst in that 'care' and therefore see prison as an extension of that life, and act accordingly, by not agreeing to the rules, acting out against the authority figures and causing more trouble around them.

[N.B. As a survivor led agency, we do not work with convicted sex offenders.]