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    We provide a comprehensive training packages focused on working with and supporting adult male survivors of sexual abuse and adult sexual assaults, available to agencies working with male survivors or vulnerable adults.

    Our sessions have been delivered all over the UK, and in many countries around the world.

    Although the awareness of male survivors of sexual abuse/rape is becoming more known, very few people have the insight and understanding of the complexity of the issues surrounding this subject.

    We aim to provide agenices the training to raise awareness and knowledge of abuse and the issues surrounding it, and also te varying types of abuse and the lasting effects a person may exhibit, such as depression, self-harm, and anxiety, etc. It is also intended to provide the course participants with information to aid 'victims' of abuse to seek appropriate help, support and information.

    All sessions are delivered by experienced trainers, and all training needs required by you will be discussed in detail to ensure your training requirements are met. Training sessions may be either ‘one off’ sessions or as part of a more complex training programme. Any course materials are provided.

    Please contact us for a typcial format of training, to see if that matches your need

    Some of the issues we cover are;

  • Typical male responses to abuse & rape.
  • Patterns or trends in behaviour which are specific to men.
  • Concerns about sexuality and/or masculinity
  • Guilt, shame and blame, and how to dispel it.
  • Telling others.
  • Personal stories.
  • Mental health, substance misuse and sexual health.
  • Differences to female's responses.
  • The Vampire Myth.
  • Myths surrounding abuse.
  • The traumas of abuse/lasting effects.
  • Unique issues faced by men.
  • Where to turn for help.
  • How to cope as a professional.

    The courses outlined above are just an introduction to issues faced by male survivors and the support needs of the agencies they disclose to.

    If the above does not address your needs, please contact us, we'll happily put together a tailored course for you.


    FULL DAY WORKSHOP...........£350.00. approx 10am til 4pm

    HALF DAY PRESENTATION........£180.00. approx 10am til Midday

    DISCUSSION SESSION.............£80.00. approx 90 Minutes

    Travelling costs will also have to be claimed.

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