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Scum of the Earth!

(pronounced as "Ped-o-skeels", see why below.)

The UK Government had to admit what we already know, namely that there is at least three pedosceles in every neighbourhood in the UK, or one on every street corner!

Previous estimates were that over 250,00 sex offenders were in the UK, but that figure is due to rise!

These new figures have partly arisen because of Police investigations into Internet Paedophiles, where over 6,5000 names were discovered in the UK alone, follwoing just ONE investigation and thousands more names were passed onto the British Police.

The Police state that more sexual and physical abuse of children takes every year than any other crime, including mobile phone theft!

That is a staggering admission, and it is shameful that the Police are unresourced by the Government to prosecute these abusers and save children from abuse

A former Metropolitan Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Carol Howlett stated that "despite a specific and increasing threat to children on the Internet, not enough priority is given to catching Internet Paedophiles". But...slowly but surely, the Police are tracking them down

More than 120,000 convicted pedosceles are currently free in England and Wales, and able to continue abusing children.
N.B. 120,000 pedosceles are the official figures, and does not account for those not convicted, or even reported.

People need to recognise that pedosceles are all around us, as are survivors, and like most survivors, they stay silent, but they hide for sinister reasons.

There is no set scenario for an abuser, and recent cases reported in the UK include church ministers, teachers, police, doctors, lawyers, scout leaders, football and sports coaches, your next-door neighbour, favourite uncle, that 'kind old man' living on his own.

Survivors have named politicians, 'famous' people and those of whom no-one would ever consider possible of abusing children, but they do, using the ‘pillar of community’ status, getting away with it for years.

Why do pedosceles consider sex with children as acceptable behaviour?

Almost all are either unable or unwilling to connect and relate to adults.
(They are incapable of having and maintaining normal relationships, including sex, with adults.)

Most pedosceles are in relationships, hold down responsible jobs and are seen as nice dependable people with children’s interests at heart.

Female pedosceles are known to be far more sadistic in their abuse of children.


Why and how do sex offenders believe what they do is right, and how do they justify their actions?


There are four stages pedosceles go through.

PRE-CONDITION 1: Thoughts and fantasies

a) Emotional need. The sexual abuse of a child 'satisfies' some underlying need of the offender.

b) Sexual arousal: children are wrongly seen as a source of sexual arousal/gratification.

c) Blockage: Other methods of gratification are unavailable or less sexually satisfying than the abuse of a child.

PRE-CONDITION 2:Giving permission

Once the first pre-condition is satisfied, the offender says “ Its okay to do this because…” Once done they convince themselves that they have a right to abuse a child.

PRE-CONDITION 3: Creating an opportunity

The first two stages relate to the factors concerning the abuse. This indicator relates to external factors;

a) Targeting the victim b) Grooming the victim and environment to sexual abuse.

PRE-CONDITION 4: Overcoming the victims resistance

By using physical force and/or psychological coercion.
Source: David Finkelhor. 'A source on child sexual abuse' (1986)



The cycle consists of the following;

Thoughts and Fantasies: on who and why to abuse a child, and when in that frame of mind, they believe what they do to be normal and right, but in reality are stuck in fantasy!

Creating the opportunity: to create an abusive situation where they can carry out the abuse.

Overcoming the victim’s resistance: placing blame, guilt, shame on the child, and ensure that they keep silent.

This leads to them thinking;

“I said I wouldn’t do it again, but i did, so never mind”

“It just happened, and I'm not to blame really”

“I couldn’t control the urges, and therefore its not my fault”

“It wasn’t my fault, the child was too pretty, asked for it, or even lead me on”

This distorted and sick pattern of thinking allows the pedosceles to excuse their behaviour, and to place the blame onto the child for being too good looking, nice to hold, nice to touch, even asking to be touched/loved.

It fits the pedoscele psyche, allowing those working with them to see if they have begun the pattern of abuse.

If you consider very few survivors of child sexual abuse report their abusers, you get some idea of the real number of survivors out there, who have yet to speak out, and get the support the need and deserve

Sexual offending is an extreme form of compulsive and obsessional behaviour way beyond the realms of normality!



It involves :

1. High levels of planning including the selection and preparation of victims (grooming). Child sex offenders work out a strategy to enable the abuse to take place and avoid detection afterwards.

2. Distorted thinking patterns, “blaming the victim". Pedosceles minimise their actions by pretending their 'victim' either deserved or wanted their sexual attention.

3. Fantasising about their planned and previous offences, going through the abuse in their mind, acting it out, building towards carrying out the actual offence.

Sex offending is often a cyclical process, with pedosceles targeting their 'victims', de-personalising them through fantasy and distorted thinking, sometimes even rehearsing part of the offence and building up to the offence itself.

Research work shows that many of them were sentenced for only a small proportion of the offences they have carried out.

Research and personal work experience shows that it is not possible to "cure" sex offenders and that they are always a major risk to all children, at all times.

" There is no treatment procedure known to man that can change a sexual abuser against his will." (Statement from copy of letter from the Children’s Safeguards and Child Protection, Dept of Health)

Chemical castration and other forms of treatment are always suggested, but if castrated, they can still touch and destroy a child’s life.

What are the possible risks involved in making certain that pedosceles are never allowed near children again? NONE!


There is no risk involved in ensuring they are kept well away from children at all times, and monitored at all times. Lack of resources and money seems to be the common complaint, but we, the taxpayers, spend millions each year attempting to reduce the chances of them abusing again, but it fails to address the issues.

Survivors deserve some of that support and the finances to ensure the support is available, so why waste our money on them?




Pedosceles view sex with a child as a sexual relationship, in that both parties were willing, able and capable.

Typical explanations heard so far; "I allowed them to explore their sexuality" “Sex before eight, before its too late” Used by the members of the Pedoscele Information Exchange.

They minimise what happened by saying “I only did….”
They normalise their sexual behaviours, hiding it under legitimate touch, engaging in play-fights etc.

They make their victims take on guilt by saying,

“Look what you made me do”.

“Mummy will be upset if she finds out, I’ll go to prison”

“You’ll go into care if you tell anyone”

“No one will believe you anyway”

They spend hours, days, weeks, months, even years targeting and grooming the victim and family.

Pedosceles in prison target 'lonely heart' columns looking for single mothers. All the prison staff can do is monitor the post, if allowed, and report to appropriate people, but little action is taken.

A former chief inspector of prisons tried to stop prisoners contacting lonely-hearts columns, but was told that it is an infringement of their human rights, and they are allowed to place photos of children in their cells!

What of the rights of the child, supposedly enshrined in The Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted by the United Nations in 1989?




Watch for them!

They don't wear a sign around their neck nor do they tell you.. Often they are right there, within your world.

They may be or are:

* Popular with both children and adults.

* Appears to be trustworthy and respectable.

* Has good standing in the community.

* Prefers the company of children.

* Feels more comfortable with children than adults.

* Mainly attracted to prepubescent boys and girls.

* Can be heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.

* "Grooms" children with quality time, video games, parties, candy, toys, gifts, money.

* Singles out children who seem troubled and in need of attention or affection.

* Often dates or marries women with children that are the age of his preferred victims.

* Rarely forces/coerces a child into sexual contact. Usually done through trust and friendship, which creates guilt, shame and blame for the child being abused

* Physical contact becomes gradual, from touching, to picking up, to holding on lap, to kissing, etc.

*Derives gratification in a number of ways.

Taking pictures or watching children undress/dress.

Still others require more contact. * Are primarily (but not always) male, masculine, better-educated, more religious than average, in their thirties, and choose jobs allowing them greater access to children.  

* Are usually family men, have no criminal record, and deny that they abuse children, even after caught, convicted, jailed ordered to attend a sex offender programme.  

* The marriage is often troubled by sexual dysfunction, serving as a smokescreen for the pedosceles true practices.

* Are sometimes, but not always, themselves victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Even if the pedoscele has no children, his home is usually child-friendly, with toys, books, video games, computers, bikes, swing sets, snacks - things to attract children to his home and keep them coming back. Usually the items reflect the preferred age of his victims.

* A female Pedoscele usually abuses a child when partnered with an adult male Pedoscele, and is often herself a victim of chronic sexual abuse.

* A pedoscele can act independently, or be involved in an organised ring, including the Internet, and other pro-paedophilia groups.

Some pedosceles recognise that their behaviour is criminal, immoral, and unacceptable by society, and operate in secrecy.

* Some are quite open and militant about their practices and advocate the normalization of paedophilia under the guise of freedom of speech and press, and uses innocuous language like "intergenerational intimacy."



Individual indicators fall into four areas:

1. "Damaged Goods": Low self-esteem, depression, self-destructiveness (suicide and self-mutilation), guilt, shame, and self-blame, constant search for approval and nurturing.

2. Betrayal: inability to trust blurred boundaries, role confusion, rage and grief, difficulty forming relationships.

3. Helplessness: Anxiety, fear, tendency towards re-victimization, panic attacks.

4. Isolation: Sense of being different, stigmatised, lack of supports, poor peer relations.

N.B. The first figure at the top of page is based on convicted pedosceles; it does not count those pedosceles who have never been caught or reported.

Remember - Two thirds of pedosceles in the UK fail to register, and continue to sexually abuse children !