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Adult Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse


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Victims No Longer (Second Edition): Men Recovering from Sexual Child Abuse
Case histories of abused male children augment a discussion of the experiences, conflict, and self-doubt engendered in male survivors. ~ Mike Lew.~ *Highly recommended!*

The first of three books by Stuart Howarth, a friend and ally in healing, telling his story of abuse and recovery. * Recommended!*

BROKEN BOYS/MENDING MEN: Recovery from...The very first book I ever read, and well worth reading, if you can get a copy! ~ Stephen Grubman-Black.~ (hard to get copies...needs to be reprinted) *Recommended!*
ALLIES IN HEALING: WHEN THE PERSON YOU LOVE... A guide for partners of survivors of child sexual abuse addresses their needs as secondary victims and offers practical advice on supporting their loved ones on the path to recovery while attending to their own needs. ~ Laura Davis ~
THE LANGUAGE OF LETTING GO Concentrating on self-esteem and acceptance, this book offers meditations for men and women recovering from codependency and aids them in their attempt to gain control of their lives. ~ Melody Beattie ~
GHOSTS IN THE BEDROOM Excellent reading for partners. ~ Ken Graber ~

HOMECOMING Reclaiming The Child Within *Recommended!* ~John Bradshaw ~
SILENTLY SEDUCED: WHEN PARENTS MAKE... A guide delineates eight types of parents whose need for control can harm their children and offers suggestions for breaking that destructive cycle of control and healing life-negating wounds. ~ Dan Neuharth ~
HEALING THE SHAME THAT BINDS YOU Shame is the core problem in compulsions, co-dependencies, and addictions, this book suggests techniques for healing shameful feelings. ~John Bradshaw ~ *Recommended*
LOVE IS NEVER ENOUGH: HOW COUPLES CAN... utilise cognitive therapy to resolve conflicts and achieve effective communication
~ Aaron Beck ~
ALL ABOUT ME! Using simple yet provocative questions, this book is designed as a tool for self-reflection, revealing your wishes and fears, memories and beliefs, secrets and dreams. ~ By Philip Keel ~
FEELING GOOD A drug-free guide to curing anxiety, guilt, pessimism, procrastination, low self-esteem, and other depressive disorders uses scientifically tested methods to improve mood and stave off the blues. ~ David D. Burns ~
CREATING LOVE/THE NEXT GREAT STAGE OF Offers a challenging new approach to relationships that helps readers indentify the traps of counterfeit love and use a four-stage process to break free from old patterns. ~ John Bradshaw ~
TOXIC PARENTS: Overcoming the Legacy of Parental Abuse. ~ Susan Forward.~
HOW TO RAISE YOUR SELF ESTEEM Action-oriented approach to increased self-respect and self-confidence
~ Nathaniel Branden
THE LITTE BOOK OF CONFIDENCE Offers practical advice and thought-provoking tips on how to transform your fears into confidence, energy and love. ~ Susan Jeffers
OVERCOMING DEPRESSION - OVERCOMING... provides step-by-step strategies, using cognitive therapy techniques. Explains how mind and body interact and how depression can evolve. ~ Paul Gilbert
MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS A classic and unique self-help book which tackles the perennial problems faced by couples. ~ John Gray
CONFIDENCE: FINDING IT AND LIVING IT How to find a source of confidence deep within you. ~ Barbara De Angelis.
BUILDING SELF ESTEEM Practical exercises, such as writing a personal journal, and quotes to acknowledge the difficulty of the task while inspiring you to change. ~ Sue Atkinson ~
UNDERSTANDING OBESSIONS & COMPULSIONS Provides a comprehensive guide to self-help, explains the principles of anxiety reduction, gives treatment instructions, covers compulsive checking, washing, hoarding, obsessional thoughts and worry, obsessional personality and depression. ~ Frank Tallis ~
DISLOSING SECRETS: WHEN, TO WHOM AND HOW ~ Jennifer Schneider, M. Deborah Corley ~
STOP THINKING AND START LIVING Happiness is not 'out there' but a state of mind that is independent of circumstance: 'If you begin to see that your thoughts are not the real thing – they're just thoughts and as thoughts they can't hurt you – your entire life will begin to change today.' ~ Richard Carlson ~
FROM SABOTAGE TO SUCCESS: HOW TO RECOVER YOURSELF Presents real-life examples, exercises, and action plans to help identify and recover from self-defeating behaviors. ~ Sheri Zampelli ~ *Recommended*
FACING THE SHADOWS: STARTING SEXUAL AND RELATIONSHIP RECOVERY. Shows techniques used by thousands of people recovering from sex addiction in a step-by-step manner, how to break free of this disease and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.
~ Patrick J. Carnes ~
ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS Describes the symptoms and treatment of alcoholism and examines the ways it can disrupt family relationships. ~ Janet G. Woititz ~
FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY How to cope with fear of various experiences, such as public speaking, self-assertion, decision-making, intimacy, being alone, ageing, losing a loved one, and ending a relationship. ~ Susan Jeffers ~ *Recommended*

RE-INVENTING YOUR LIFE: How to Break Free...~ Jeffery E Young & Janet S. Klosko ~
FIRST THINGS FIRST ~ Stephen R. Covey, A.Roger Merrill ~
OVERCOMING ANXIETY Explains how to overcome problem fears and anxieties of all kinds - from panic attacks and phobias to executive "burn out" - in order to regain confidence and self control. A step-by-step self-help plan is included. ~ Helen Kennerley ~ *Recommended*
YOU CAN BEAT DEPRESSION: A Guide to...~ John Preston ~
ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS: THEIR CAUSE. A programme for overcoming the effects of anxiety. ~ Robert Handly ~
OVERCOMING LOW SELF ESTEEM: A SELF HELP...book which is not only interesting but also easy to read. ~ Melanie Fennell.
TRIUMPH OVER SHYNESS Shyness is exceedingly common, and can manifest itself to be a disabling condition. ~ Murray B. Stein, John R. Walker
OVERCOMING PANIC A complete course to help beat panic attacks. ~ Derrick Silove ~
GETTING CONTROL: OVERCOMING YOUR OBSESSIONS AND COMPLUSIONS. Sufferers of OCD spend hours performing ritualized actions to try to fend off imagined disaster or fear of germs, injury or even numbers. ~ Lee Baer.

SELF HELP FOR YOUR NERVES Almost every symptom complained of by people with ‘bad nerves’ will be found here, and most people will recognise themselve. ~ Dr Claire Weekes.

IN THE SHADOWS ON THE 'NET: Breaking Free of Compulsive Online Sexual Behaviour. ~ Patrick Carnes, David Delmonico, Elizabeth Griffin.
THE MIRACLE METHOD: A Radically New Approach to Problem Drinking. ~ Scott D. Miller, Insoo Kim Berg ~
A WAY TO QUIT GAMBLING: For Problem Gamblers. ~ John Chin
FACING LOVE ADDICTION: GIVING YOURSELF... This book outlines a practical recovery process for the love addict. ~ Pia Mellody, Andrea Wells Miller, J.Keith Miller ~

ANGER FREE; TEN BASIC STEPS TO MANAGING ANGER A guide to coping with toxic rage. ~ W. Doyle Gentry
HOW TO UNTANGLE YOUR EMOTIONAL KNOTS Shows where to look for a perfect partner; how to tell if they are right for you. ~Windy Dryden, Jack Gordon ~

GAY MEN AND CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE TRAUMA Gay Men and Childhood Sexual Trauma ~ James Cassese



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